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22262540_SSRead about our home opener match with Blau-Weiss in a news item from WHBF Channel 4 TV.

By: Jay Kidwell

The home opener for the Quad Cities Football Club Men’s National Premier Soccer League Team will take on historic significance as they host the Blau-Weiss Wiehre Football Club from Freiburg, Germany, at 6 p.m., Wednesday, May 22, at the Davenport Soccer Complex, 8991 North Division Street, Davenport, Iowa.

Tickets are available on the Quad City Eagles website; or at the game. Ticket prices are $7 for Adults, $5 for kids 10-14 and children 9 and under are free with a parent.

This is an unprecedented event as is believed to be the first time the Quad Cities has hosted an international soccer match at this level, according to Eagles General Manager Jeff Varner.

Blau-Weiss Wiehre FC is currently second in their division standings and is trying to gain promotion to the next higher level in the German soccer system.

“Promotion” is a scenario that many American sports fans are unfamiliar with. In Europe and many other countries, teams have the ability to be promoted to higher level levels by finishing at or near the top of their league. It would be like the River Bandits making it to Double A, Triple A, or even the Major Leagues.

The Freiburg contingent is being hosted by a number of Quad City area families and members of the German American Heritage Center in Davenport, Iowa. The German American Heritage Center highlights the proud German heritage in the Quad Cities and features many exhibits and displays showcasing the plight and triumphant quest of German immigrants to the early QC area.

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